The Brainy Club

Prepared by best Teachers, to enhance child’s learning abilities and mental development by promoting neural pathways in the brain.

What is brainy club?

An elite club of brainy kids and smart parents. With the mission to create future leaders, we collobarated with the best teachers, subject matter experts, child mental development experts and learning psychologists to create an educational framework. It enhances child’s learning abilities, gives a good understanding of all the concepts, helps kids score higher in exams and makes them ready for all future challanges.

As a parent , you should become member of the brainy club now (and best thing is , there is no member ship fee). All the future scientists, business executives, entreprenuers and needle movers are going to be from the brainy club.

So what are you waiting for! Enroll NOW!!

Why Brainy Club

Best Study Materials

Study material created by best teachers and subject matter experts of country. It is based on learning psychology, child behaviourial theory and developmental psychology.

Feedback and Monitoring

Periodic feedback taken from parents to monitor kid's learning progress and provided with customised study material. A progress tracker is given to track the same.

Classy and Beautiful

All material is printed in classy thick beautiful paper so kids enjoy studying from it.

Outcome Driven

Every worksheet builds one specific ability in kid which will help them in future as well, hence not only kid will score higher in school exams, but will also aquire core skills needed to be among top 1% in future.

Learning outcomes - the Brainy Club worksheets

  • More neuro- synopsis formation in kid’s brain, hence increase in IQ of the kid.
  • A better problem solving ability.
  • Increased ability to recognise patterns.
  • Establishing relation between factors.
  • Enhanced ability to visulaise concepts like size, colour, dimensions etc.
  • Formation of ability to come up with multiple solutions for same problem and figuring out which solution is better and why.
  • Gives birth to ability of solving problems without hand holding , which is crucial to become exceptional in any field in future.